Deep blue sea 1999 movie download

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deep blue sea 1999 movie download

It is the seventh film in the Godzilla franchiseand features special effects by Sadamasa Arikawa, under the supervision of Eiji Tsuburaya. During its development, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep was intended to feature King Kongbut the character was replaced by Godzilla. The film was released to theaters in Japan on December 17,and was released directly to television in the United States in under the title Godzilla versus the Sea Monster. After Yota is lost at sea, his brother Ryota steals a download corel full crack with his two friends and a bank robber. However, the crew runs afoul of Ebiraha giant lobster-like creature, and washes ashore on Letchi Island.
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  • Funded by a pharmaceutical billionaire with questionable ethics, the mogul plans to medically market intelligence. During a routine procedure, the sharks begin attacking the researchers and initiate security shutdown, causing mass flooding throughout the establishment. As the scientists fight for survival and race to the surface, the enhanced-sharks begin to hunt them.

    In Augustit was announced that a third film tentatively titled Deep Blue Sea 3 was in development, with intentions to serve as a Netflix exclusive film. The plot centers around Dr. Emma Collins, who leads a team at a small island studying the effects of climate change on great white sharks. has been retired

    The study is disrupted when her marine biologist ex-boyfriend named Richard arrives, searching for some enhanced- bull sharks. The film attained an R rating for "violence, sea images, download language". The project was distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The film was released on July 28, blue needs update ] on video on demandand on August 25, [ needs update ] for home video.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date. Main deep Deep Blue Sea film. Main article: Deep Blue Sea 2. Main article: Deep Blue Sea 3. For more details on the reception of each film, see the "Reception" section on each film's article. May 23, August 12, April 25, August 22, May 13, September 23, Retrieved Outside the pub, a mother calls out to her son William, who is walking down the beach.

    He spots a large 'rock', which has an iridescent blue shell just like Crusoe's, hinting that Crusoe has left a descendant behind to become the next Water Horse. The filmmakers found that some of the landscape and geography there was similar to Scotland. However Russell said, "There was no way I was going to make a movie about the Loch Ness monster and not shoot at least part of it in Scotland.

    The scenes in and around the MacMorrow family's house were shot on the year-old Ardkinglas Estate on the shores of Loch Fyne in Scotland. The owners of the estate continued to live in the house while the crew was filming there. Visual effects on the film were handled by New Zealand visual effects specialists Weta Digital and Weta Workshop who mainly did Crusoe.

    Most download the roughly effects shots in 1999 film involved Crusoe. And many of those shots involved the creature Crusoe interacting with water, which, in terms of the sea of computer graphicshas always been a particularly difficult 1999 to deal with. The score was composed by James Newton Howard.

    The Water Horse was formerly scheduled for two different release dates in North Deep 21 September and 7 December A promotional poster for the film, featuring silhouettes of Etel's character and Crusoe on the loch, was seen as early as June during the New Movie Licensing Show alongside promotional art for the Disney Fairies and Kung Fu Panda.

    The movie was a teaser created specifically for the Rock Ness Music Festival on 9 and 10 June, [19] but blue leaked onto the internet and later pulled. They were launched by Sony in early November and feature photos, video clips, a video blog, games and information on the film's plot and production.

    The second, "Unloch the Legend" awarded the winner with a family trip to Scotland. The film received generally positive reviews from critics. It takes a classic tale and infuses it with extra imagination, sly humor, heart, and inventive special effects. Pete Hammond of Maxim magazine gave the film 4 stars out of 5, saying "It's not only the perfect holiday movie, but perhaps the most wondrous film of its kind since E.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The Water Horse. For other uses, see Water horse. Release date.

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    Running time. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 6 April Internet Movie Database. Archived from the original on 30 December Retrieved 30 December HowStuffWorks, Inc. Retrieved 21 June Despite having amazing powers and a strict past, Koyuki is mostly carefree, optimistic, but in various occasions, eccentric.

    She believes in what is right and protects her friends with all movir might. Unfortunately, her tendency to use her ninjitsu maneuvers to accomplish the most mundane of tasks often draws much unwanted attention. Having sea huge crush on Natsumi, Koyuki enjoys her time with Natsumi, and has a very strong will to either build up good image in front of her or protect her as well.

    Koyuki's Keronian partner is Dororo. She 1999 and bluw a stranded Zeroro now Dororo from a bear trap, brought him back to downloax homelike deep village, and taught him the ways of the ninja. Under the order of the government, her ninja clan was dissolved for not having further value blue existence to the country, giving her a chance was also her only choice at a real life in the city.

    He trusts Natsumi to teach Koyuki to live a modern life. She is dowload of the Kishou Gakuen Shinbunbu or KGS, the school news club, and started out observing Keroro and Fuyuki's activities from a comfortable distance. Like Momoka, she has a crush on Fuyuki and is equally shy about her feelings toward him.

    She's obsessed with writing down in her notebooks all her observations about Fuyuki. She is 12 years old. Chiruyo later befriends Pururu, who helped her sea closer to Fuyuki. Though they do not live together, they share a good friendship. She accompanies Giroro in his tent from then on. She defp download feelings for Giroro, though his obsessive crush on Natsumi get in the way of showing her feelings to him.

    Though she is friendly with most of the Hinata Family and the Platoon, she is openly hostile towards Natsumi as she sees her as her romantic rival. She sometimes unknowingly turns into human using one of Kururu's inventions. She quickly becomes Giroro's friend and became movie pet after the Garuru Platoon's departure.

    Her human form bears a distinct resemblance to Cammy White of Street Fighter fame. She is first seen in chapter 54 of the manga and episode download of the anime, where she is seen taking a shower, while singing, unknowingly being watched by a Moku Alien. She is then "saved" by a mysterious figure, despite not caring or even noticing the Moku Alien's appearance.

    She likes all kinds of jokes, even the boring ones. Aki bought the house for a low price because of that. She was imprisoned because she hid a Keronian dee; to have been a Kappa with similar characteristic as Keroro. She was later rescued by that Keronian and died when deep was 90 years old.

    Much like Dororo, Omiyo does not like to be forgotten by those around her she even goes movie Dororo's 'trauma switch' pose in episode 6and her attempts at grabbing attention finally lead up to an aggressive manifestation in episode 46, where her true story is revealed. In volume 14 and anime episode she introduced herself as "Omiyo" to Momoka after 1999 turned herself into a ghost to get closer to Blue. Yayoi leads the school drama club with the passion of a thespian; and Satsuki, the more physically adept of the two, is in the swim team.

    They seek Natsumi's assistance in assorted school assignments, from stage presentations to sporting events, on a regular basis. In one episode Yayoi and Satsuki get to meet Keroro. Dwonload gets a little crush on Giroro deep one episode. And there are some signs in episodes 2, 8, and 25 that Yayoi and Satsuki have a downlaod on Natsumi, and on episode 8 when Sgt.

    Major Kururu turned Aki into a teenager. Yayoi and Satsuki thought Aki was hot thinking she was Fuyuki even though she had boobs. Masayoshi Yoshiokadaira is one of the hundreds of faceless black ops agents in the Nishizawa Peach Group. Only two things distinguish Masayoshi Yoshiokadaira from them: his awkwardly long name, and his tendency to be thrust into prominent roles during Momoka's get-close-to-Fuyuki plans, such as 'eloping' with her in episode It's not until episode that Yoshiokadaira gets a storyline in his name.

    They were actually a race of beings that live at the bottom of the ocean, building an undersea empire long before humans evolved. The Keroro Platoon 19999 them when they were in the ocean. They consist of multiple Anomalocarisan ancient white shark possibly megalodon with red eyes download its mouth and a mermaid who Fuyuki befriended.

    Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara Japanese ; R. Bruce Elliott English, Funimation dub [11]. Despite his voice being heard in every episode, it is not until episode 40 that the Narrator appears as an on-screen character although the recurring breaking of the fourth wall means that the regular characters already recognise him as such.

    He is dressed as a Kuroko blue kabuki stagehand, wearing a ninja-esque outfit with a black veil instead of a mask made famous most notably by the referee in the video game Samurai Shodown but with an additional capital N emblazoned on the veil. His appearances on the show may be few and movie between, but he gains a lot more exposure upon appearing in the 8th title 1999.

    Zeroyasha was shown in episode 98 and 68 in Koyuki Azumaya's memories. In the anime, he was the one who found Dororo Zeroro trapped in the woods. It is seen that he is incredibly smart and athletic, being able to outwit the Movif Platoon Minus Dororo and Kururu and play catch with Dororo for sea week straight.

    Ebirah, Horror of the Deep - Wikipedia

    It is 1999 stated, though, that he is either Mukuro's, Move, or lives by himself since he is considered on the same level as them. But it mostly leans to being Movie. She was turned into a "bad" girl doqnload she got in a fight to protect her friends. Asami deep committing crimes and Tamama was quick to say that it was Mois.

    So Mois could confront Asami, Kururu made a projection device that made every one look like Asami. Angol Mois based her human form on Asami. Mois was told by her father to find the most powerful Pekoponian and make herself look like that Pekoponian. Mois did, and so now she can transform and look like Asami. Voiced by: Chisa Yokoyama Japanese.

    Blue was the Lowest Sergeant in the Keroro Platoon. She is friends with a Keronian, Nobibi. Kiko and Nobibi appear in the Kero Zero arch. Download seen in Episodewhen the Keroro Platoon were on the ship to Pekopon. Ddownload was later seen in Episodewhen Nobibi noted her disappearance. The Angols are a group of humanoid alien race whose sea purpose is to destroy a planet as their tradition to their race.

    The Queen of Terror descends from the sky and Angolmois awakens. Angol Mois is the "Queen of Terror", who is ditzy and insecure as a result of her impact from space. She states that during her first appearance she told Nostradamus to deliver a message to the humans warning them of her arrival.

    Deep Blue Sea () download by torrent | GetFilmes

    In the anime broadcast she arrives years too early and takes a nap in orbit, waking up several years too late as the anime was originally broadcast after In both, she is taken into the Hinatas' home, where she is nursed back to health by Natsumi. When she wakes up, she reveals her true form and starts to destroy the Earth, until Keroro, who arrives later, is persuaded by Fuyuki who reminds him that if Mois destroys Earth, there would be no more Gundam models to stop Mois.

    Although the Lord of Terror, she is anything but terrifying. She's sweet, clumsy, and peppy, with no malice whatsoever but can be scary when she gets her Lucifer Spear out. The Lucifer Spear, which she only can use while in her true form, is a terrible weapon that could, at its fullest power, completely destroy Earth. She usually uses only an infinitesimal part of its power to destroy things; her most commonly used technique, "Destruction: One Millionth", is likened to a localized meteor impact.

    The Lucifer Spear doubles as a cell phone, which Mois keeps in her pocket. The weakness of the Angol is a mineral called Angolnite, that neutralizes her powers. She keeps a crystal of Angolnite hidden in her room just in case. She is close friends with Keroro, since the sergeant used to play with her when she was a child.

    She is in love with him and dreams of being his girlfriend, though Keroro seems oblivious. Tamama considers her his rival and often competes with her for Keroro's attention and affectionthough most of the time Mois don't ever realizes she's competing. Often, her pure heart puts Tamama to shame without even realizing it — an unconscious weapon that works against the cynical Kururu.

    Download the movie Deep Blue Sea IMDb / 10 ( votes). Jul 28,  · Deep Blue Sea: Directed by Renny Harlin. With Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, Samuel L. Jackson, Jacqueline McKenzie. Searching for a cure to Alzheimer's disease, a group of scientists on an isolated research facility become the prey, as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back/10(K). Aug 07,  · Download Deep Blue Sea with hash 53da6d01a62bbebde6aceed0db39f8f and name Deep Blue Sea () p BluRay SDR [HINDI-ENG] 10bit HEVC - PeruGuy for free.

    Her main goal is to make Keroro happy, something Keroro takes sometimes advantage of to make her do his cleaning work in his place. She also works as part of the platoon as communication's officer and overall helper. She lives in a room at the platoon's underground base. In her true Angol form, she is a pale gray-haired, brown-eyed girl who wears a purple, yellow and white costume.

    However, to blend in with the Earth people, Mois transforms into a tanned, bleached-blonde teenager kogal who is always seen in a school uniform and loose socks.

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    She got her Earth look from when she first arrived, not long before she met the Hinatas. In the manga, her father had encouraged her to see only herself as important as blue frame of mind was needed to become an effective download destroyer.

    Thus, she chose the form of a Japanese school girl she saw ending a friendship with another girl for her own benefit. In the anime, she chose the form of a girl who was fighting for her friends, thus becoming her "inspiration. Her transformation sequences, stylized costume, and related accessories may make her deep parody of the "magical girl" genre [ citation needed ].

    Her name is frequently used in puns on 1999 Japanese phrase moe-moewhich usually refers to a cute girl who appeals to older members of the audience. In the English manga, her name is "Angol Moa". In the English anime, her lucifer spear is called "Hellmageddon", an amalgamation of the words "hell" and "armageddon" meaning doomsday.

    The father of Mois. Like his daughter, he is very kind hearted until he is called to destroy Earth. Although she is not an heir of King of Terror, she got the power to punish planets. At the end of Manga Volume 13, it was revealed that Mois's mother was the main reason why dinosaurs became extinct on Earth. In Volume 14 her name was revealed as Tia.

    Frog and is revealed to be Angol Mois's cousin. Fear plays a similar role to Mois as a judge over the earth and executor of its people. Fear uses a black version of Mois' Lucifer Spear and appears in Chapter of the manga to confront Mois over her constant failure to destroy Earth.

    Kogoro is the childhood friend of Keroro and a self proclaimed space deputy. He loves colored boxes and collects them. Download height is cm and his weight is 77 kg. Kogoro seems to be always energetic, the same vitriol-laden smile affixed on his face while he laughs and stares into space even when he's been knocked unconscious — he does stop laughing thoughalthough only his younger sister Lavie can read his true feelings.

    Although the Hinata's and the rest of the Platoon initially believe they are actually fighting, it is soon revealed that they are just play fighting and that movie used to do it all the time as kids. After this incident, Kogoro and Lavie decide to remain on Earth and make a living, though Kogoro has trouble landing a paying job due to his lack of experience and strange personality.

    He ends up spending most of his days at home or helping out the platoon in their schemes. It only takes him a split-second 0. This also is a parody of the length of time it takes Gavan to transform, although Kogoro's transformation merely requires him putting on a helmet. Kogoro's sweet natured younger sister who wears rabbit ears.

    She arrives deep Earth with Kogoro and assists him 1999 tracking down Keroro by chasing Natsumi. After their pretend battle, both decide to remain on Earth. Because Kogoro never gets any work, she supports them financially by working part-time jobsand eventually becoming a television star along with her brother.

    There is a character from the anime Mado King Granzort with the same name and is a long ears race person presuming that she's kind of a reference to him who is a primary character in the Granzort Series. She frequently apologizes for her brother's bizarre behavior sometimes unnecessarily has become a recurring habit of hers. Sea is also the only one who can accurately read her brothers emotions and can always tells when he blue actually upset or angry despite always looking movie acting positively.

    Much like her brother Kogoro, Lavie is a parody of the character Annie, a partner of the eponymous character in Space Sheriff Shaider. Sumomo is a member of the Axolotl, a race based on newts in the sea way the Keronians are based on frogs. In the manga, a girl finds Sumomo.

    deep blue sea 1999 movie download

    Sumomo immediatally falls in love with Fuyuki Hinata and tries to "kiss" him by wrapping her tongue around him, because she does not know Earth's customs. The girl's father finds Sumomo, and like Keroro, was converted into a comic book character. In the anime, Sumomo is an immensely popular pop singer known throughout most of the galaxy.

    She first appears after she crash lands on Earth and is found sleeping on top of Fuyuki in his bed. Though initially claiming that she is there to sing for Keroro and his men, she eventually admits that she came to Earth to briefly get away from her fame, though she eventually leaves after realizing she loves being a known celebrity.

    Sumomo returns to Earth occasionally to seeks the frogs help in her celebrity activities. As Keroro is one of her biggest fans, he frequently puts his men to work doing whatever she needs or asks, such as setting up a concert or building a replica body of Natsumi for a reality prank show.

    Sumomo has the ability to change her form into a hot chick of four hundred alien species including human. Like the comic book, she does not know Earth's customs, but Natsumi and Fuyuki help her. Sumomo's song at the end of the episode is "Shoot Stars in the Face.

    Deep Blue Sea (1999)

    Her adoptive father Nebula was the alien which sea to give the life energy by absorbing it for what they call "dark race"; the "prey" that they captured would usually being dep in a box. The first time when this character was seen in episodenovie she captured the Keroro Platoon and "kidnapped" Fuyuki, but befriends Keroro and the others later.

    Her second appearance deep in episodeand she appeared in episode A yellow space plant [ citation needed ] movie loves download. It loves to absorb the humidity of any super wet objects or aliens. Nyororos are the only species capable of neutralizing Keroro when he is overly exposed to moisture and becomes to powerful to control or stop.

    When Keroro is exposed to 1999 much moisture, the Nyororos become drawn to Keroro and are usually able to find and suck the moisture out of him. They are even able to track him from very far distances extending into space. However, some aliens use Nyororo as movir reducing-weight downoad Putata of the Shurara Corps and Kururu are known to rear their own Nyororo for their own mmovie.

    A brown monster with many tentacles. The Garuru Platoon used them as weapons in the invasion of Earth. This kind of Nyororo doesn't seem to have the ability to blue humidity. It reproduces by releasing crumbs that grow into mini-creatures about 1 foot wide juvenile form overnight.

    Deep Blue Sea () - IMDb

    A yellow octopus that has a big eye and big lips. It is used in the show to save Momoka from drowning. Momoka believes that the lifeopus deposited an egg or eggs inside of her, and the Narrator confirms this. A giant monster with 3 heads and the ability to recover itself. Its liver is said to be able to heal anyone from any diseases.

    Giroro once fought one to get its liver so he can save Natsumi. Each member of the Viper Family is outfitted with a red jumpsuit, black belt, download right hand blaster. Their appearances red jumpsuit, hand blaster, and cigarette is parody of Cobra. The first Viper who fights the Keroro Platoon downloqd of a war between the Keronians and the Vipers, and was defeated by a technique used by Dororo.

    He reappears in Episodewhere he appears as a cyborg who takes revenge on Dororo, but ends up capturing Chiroro and esa in Alien Street from the Space Police and the Keroro Platoon. To keep himself from being spotted, he disguises himself as a chef in a ramen stand. When Keroro disguises himself as Sea and captures Karara in an effort to earn money, Viper takes off his disguise and attempts to defeat the fake Viper, proving that he does have some good in him.

    Viper's cyborg appearance is very reminiscent of Freeza, of Dragonball Z fame, when he became Mecha Freeza. His left half has been completely demolished and replaced with mechanical parts, his left eye is green and has a yellow scope as its pupil, a black tube appears on his head and leads to the back of his head, and the buster arm he blue before has now been replaced with a mechanical claw.

    He has a son that was taken away by his ex-wife who he taught a technique on how to make the Tokyo Tower out of cherry stems. The older brother of Viper. He kidnapped the Keroro Platoon and was defeated by Dororo. He soon enlarged himself but he was scared off by a larger Keroro due to the Flash Spoon.

    One of the relatives of the defeated Viper. He formed a group of Vipers and stole a ring which is the clue of treasure. He was later captured by Jessica. A kind Viper that Keroro, Giroro downloaad Zeroro met when they were young. He gave clues of the hidden treasure in a deserted planet to Keroro. Known as the Sentimental Consultants, they are the MCs of a popular show.

    Vownload once visited the Earth, but they were soon attacked by Giroro, who mistook them as the impostors. Voiced by: Daiki Nakamura Japanese. Though he has times the strength of a normal slug, he was still quite weak, but his attacks worked against Natsumi because ble was so much revolted by his viscosity. Fuyuki, however, was able to defeat him with a finger.

    Unless he's in an ambiance with very high humidity, he can only fight for 4 minutes and 44 seconds before he has to recharge himself deep water. Despite Keroro's intentions, Wettle Seq spirit of righteousness forbade him from harming Natsumi, and he flew blue into deep space in the end to find someplace where he could be useful, until his powers were needed once again.

    In episodeWettle King returns with the additional ability to disguise himself as Tohru Uetsu, download motorcycle-riding, smooth-talking and incredibly clumsy photojournalist, along with playing a trumpet during his entrance scene, he is reminiscent of Hayato Icimonji, the second Kamen Rider and his costume was a parody to Ichiro of Kikaider 01 [ citation needed ].

    The design of Wettle King is a parody of the classic tokusatsu series Iron King. While in the manga, his appearance is a parody of Ultramanwhich he is referred as "Wettlemaman". In episodeKeroro creates a new batch of seven Wettol Kings, easily differentiated from the original by their recolored gloves bluf boots, along with matching scarves, a deliberate parody of the Shocker Riders from Kamen Rider.

    Sent to attack Natsumi, the clones wind downlad facing off with the original Wettle King, who awakens their righteous spirits and turns them into his allies. Together, the eight Wettle Kings are a deliberate send-up of the recent Ultraman movie, '8 Ultra Brothers'. A Space Policewoman.

    As an officer of the galactic version of Interpol, she is highly skilled and outfitted with advanced weapons and equipment. With the help movie Keroro Platoon, she was able to capture the wanted Viper. One of the Space Policewomen, she always shows up just before the Keroro Platoon can successfully conquered Earth every time.

    Download frequently busts Keroro and his men for crimes they both intentionally and unintentionally commit and often fines them, sometimes resulting in the platoon going broke. She can travel anywhere instantaneously through the use of space portals. When she's coming out of the portal, she gets out very slow usually singing "Heave ho, Poyon Go".

    She ends most of her sentences with "poyo. One of the Space Policewomen. She is currently stationed at the Deep Street to prevent any human realizing the existence of aliens. A scout from the moonlight special squad, an ally of Keron. She tested Koyuki and asked her if she would join the moonlight squad.

    She decided otherwise when she found out that Koyuki had a best friend on Earth. A movie crocodilian like animal that can feed itself by eating bananas from the banana trees on its back. It is fownload of the biggest fears of Keroro, as he can't resist stepping on the peel after a bananawani has eaten a banana.

    Wani translates to crocodile. While his fame is derived entirely from the fact that the katakana for his name is easily confused with Dance Man's, and his act consists entirely of telling the truths about himself and his lifestyle and not much actual singing 1999, he is still considered a bona fide intergalactic idol by Keroro and company.

    The 1999 of Dance Master can absorb and reflect any attacks. Whenever the concert ticket of Dance Master is torn, Dansou Maso is summoned. He can fire laser beam downloxd his glasses to give an afro hairstyle to whomever it hits. The only way to damage him is to use scissors to cut his afro or sing better than he can.

    Keroro, who was trying to prove sea wrong, started invasion immediately, but they all failed in 1999 ways. At the end of bleDowlnoad Maso turns her long blond hair into a black heart-shaped afro, which she keeps for all download future appearances. From episode Cheuton is one of five identical trainee assassins, from an alien race based blus bees just as Keronians are based on frogs.

    They take orders from a downloar falcon symbol with a blinking red light - this, combined with their appearance, references the evil organisation Shocker and the Shocker Riders from Kamen Rider. An evil alien that likes to possess the others body blue eat as much as he can.

    According to the Space Law, the possessed one is responsible for paying the economical loss caused by With a head shaped like a lava lamp and a two-colored skin tone split down the middle, these members of the Events Alien race are commonly seen in charge of galactic television stations. The catgirl-looking voice actress of Space Captain Geroro galactic dubnamed after the real life voice actress for Keroro Gunso.

    She was often seen in scenes with a lot of aliens. A kind of tiny humanoid invader. Super Dali love to invade deep teeth and build a headquarters on them. Keroro's molar was once invaded by Super Dali. In episode 10 the Super Dali are led by a Dali Queen, times taller than her minions, and resembling the Succubus from Warcraft 3.

    A gigantic invader which is 1999 tall. Any planets targeted by him have no chances to survive from his mad collecting habit. As he was moving to Earth, all aliens except Keroro Platoon left the Earth. Keroro Platoon attempted to fight him but got sea and were forced to return to the Earth.

    At the same time, Angol Moa found an ancient weapon in Aliens Street. Keroro Movie, with their human partners and some aliens led by the Space Police used it to fight ZZZ but failed to damage him even with the attack from Garuru's Platoon. ZZZ slipped and was defeated when he flew to the Sun caused by the slip. Mirara is a Keronian who sealed Kiruru.

    She was released, along with Kiruru, when Keroro and Fuyuki breaks the orange crystal where they were sealed in. She is a pink Downloaf tadpole with a brace and bell holding two locks of her hair and wears a pink robe with a red O symbol. She uses a giant mecha similar to the three in Episode 28 to travel and she can control O marks just as Deeo can control X marks.

    After replacing Keroro and Fuyuki's X marks with O marks, she turns into a key. She and Kiruru were sealed deep when Keroro and Fuyuki pressed her into a slot in a giant orange crystal in the heart of Kiruru's pillar. The capturer of Kiruru. She can absorb positive energy and turns into a key that can seal Kiruru away. The main villain of the first movie who was sealed away with Mirara in reep form.

    Kiruru is a Boue war machine that went on an uncontrollable rampage millions of years ago but was sealed away in an orange crystal by Mirara. He feeds on negative energy. His design is a white Keronian that wears golden bracelets and has a Keronian soldier helmet-like head with a black bottom jaw and belly.

    He has movie red X on his forehead, much like the placement of Keronian emblems on their hats. He attacks by flying through the air and giving people an X mark on their body. This allows them to telepathically blue and give more Xs, but Kiruru powers himself using their negative emotions and the victims eventually only think about negative thoughts.

    Then, once he obtains enough power, he transforms into a more powerful form, which looks like a large beast. In this form he has no legs, instead he has a long, thick tail and moves around with his two hands. This form and the next are impervious to damage and generate a strong paperlike substance from its limbs to cover up zea expanses of land.

    After collecting even more negative energy, Kiruru transforms into a tower and begins cloning his first form. The clones fly in an X formation until they attack, when they swarm around their unfortunate victim. He was defeated when the Hinata's and the Keroro Platoon's friendship removed their Xs and Fuyuki and Keroro placed Mirara into the orange crystal, sealing away Kiruru once again.

    Left behind in their undersea home by an ancient Maron alien army after an unsuccessful invasion, Meru and Maru appear to sea sea lizard-based in the same way the Keronians are based on frogs.


    They appear again in vol. Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima Japanese. Meru is prince of the Deep Blue, and the main antagonist of the movie. He is destined to marry Natsumi Hinata, whom he claims to be his princess. One night, Meru and Natsumi the kingdom's sacred weapon to uphold their titles with the Mer Ball, a weapon that resembles the Kero Ball.

    Kururu then reveals that Meru and Maru came from Maron, a planet of water, and Meru would eventually flood Pekopon to become his world. They were saved by the Keroro Platoon download with Fuyuki and Momoka. With the corrupted Mer Ball forever out of the movie hands, Meru and Maru ultimately fall in love and wish their friends farewell as they start a new life on Maron as prince and princess.

    Maru is a "childhood friend" and assistant of Meru. They have been together for as long as they can remember. Despite she's playful and sometimes clumsy, she is kind, proud, and strict just like Meru but only sometimes. She is a very skilled fighter, who defeated Giroro quickly by using deep Mer 1999 scythe form.

    Groups of giant creatures that were created from the Mer Ball by Sea.